City of San Mateo Launches PayByPhone

//City of San Mateo Launches PayByPhone

City of San Mateo Launches PayByPhone

Piloted at the Workers’ Resource Center and Kinko’s parking lots in Downtown San Mateo

San Mateo, CA (June 29, 2016)… The city of San Mateo launches PayByPhone on July 1st at the Workers’ Resource Center parking lot and Kinko’s lot in Downtown San Mateo. Both are located east of the railroad tracks along Claremont Street at 4th and 5th Avenues. The two lots will pilot this alternative payment method before becoming fully available throughout the entire downtown by the end of 2016.

PayByPhone is the world’s leading parking payment provider processing more than $300 million in payments annually. The app allows customers to easily pay for parking with a few quick taps on their smartphone. In the past year, the company has continued to expand its global partnerships across North America and Europe adding over 2.5 million registered users to its platform resulting in a total of more than 12 million subscribers to the service.

“We’re excited to bring the convenience of PayByPhone parking to the City of San Mateo,” says Kush Parikh, President, and CEO of PayByPhone. “It’s another great milestone for PayByPhone as we help to connect more cities to a broader community, allowing users to seamlessly pay for parking at all of our locations.”

The implementation of PayByPhone at these lots also means the end of free parking.  On July 1st the city will begin charging $.25 per hour, and the only payment option is to use the PayByPhone app or toll-free number, 1 (866)234-7275. Council adopted the new parking rate last spring when the new fee structure for downtown parking was approved.

“The minimal rate was adopted by Council so that our downtown employees would not be adversely impacted,” stated Maureen Freschet, San Mateo City Councilmember. “All of the parking revenues are reinvested into maintenance to keep our downtown clean and attractive.”

PayByPhone technology will roll-out to downtown garages by the end of summer and its availability for on-street parking will follow. By the end of the calendar year, customers parking anywhere in downtown San Mateo will be able to use the PayByPhone app or the toll-free number to pay for parking.

“It’s a great convenience for downtown customers,” says Ann Fienman, Downtown San Mateo Association Executive Director. “Many nearby cities use the same app, so I expect that many people who park downtown are familiar with the service and will welcome its availability here in San Mateo.”

PayByPhone provides an alternative way to pay for downtown parking, and it is easy to use. Create a PayByPhone account at, download the app to your phone or call the toll-free number. The system will prompt you to enter your parking location, parking duration, and payment information. You can set-up an alert to notify you when your time is about to expire, and if needed you can add more time, up to the time limit for a particular space.

The implementation of PayByPhone is a recommendation from San Mateo’s Parking Management Plan adopted in 2015. The city began implementing the plan last summer by introducing new color-coded parking zones and establishing parking rates based on demand and location. Incorporating PayByPhone technology and providing it as an alternative payment option continues to make the experience of parking in downtown San Mateo more convenient. The city is exploring additional parking technologies that will continue to simplify the parking system.

“Technology makes it easier to pay for parking, manage parking, and improves the experience of those visiting downtown San Mateo,” says Joe Goethals, San Mateo Mayor. “Incorporating PayByPhone and providing customers with an additional way to pay for parking is a convenient use of available technology. I’m looking forward to its full implementation and am excited to see what’s next.”

Don’t wait, register your PayByPhone account NOW at For more information about parking in downtown San Mateo, please visit

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